About Us

Since 2016

Company Vision

To be market leaders in the hardware and construction industry, creating employment and always seek opportunities for growth and reinvention to suit our Clients’ needs.
MISSION STATEMENT To provide quality, value-added services to our Clients by creating lasting partnerships through open communication which is guided by engineering and construction processes.
The Gap Company builds lasting professional relationships with its Clients through the timely delivery of projects through concerted efforts of every team member, thus ensuring repeat and referral business achieved through customer satisfaction.

Our Core Values

  • Performance
    In Work
  • Accountability
    In Work
  • Intergrity
    In Work
  • Depandebility
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Director’s note

We strive to create customised engineering solutions...

At the Gap we see our mission as providing consulting, design and engineering services in the areas of energy, infrastructure, public sector, commercial, mining and petrochemical industry taking into account the highest quality standards in such matter that demanding expectations of our clients are met, guaranteed business success realized and motivational working conditions for our employees created. The success of our company is based on our staff’s intellectual

capital and the wealth of experience and tradition. Together we create common values which include a belief in assuring high quality of our services and an acceptance of personal responsibility for the realization of our commitments. Work is organized into interdisciplinary groups, which contributes to better results and ensures the knowledge transfer onto younger co-workers. We strive to create customised engineering solutions to

our customers. We invest in improving our clients work and experience through our extensive and continuous research and development. Our cutting edge knowledge gives us the edge and efficiency in servicing our clients and as we do our work The Gap has always and will continue to strive for advantages which our consulting and project solutions bring to our clients and through their realization towards a creation of challenges for a better future.